Akki rotti recipe I Rice flour roti

Recipe Categories: Breakfast Dishes,Rotis
Preparation Time : 5 min Cooking Time : 15 min Serves : 4

Akki rotti is an authentic Karnataka recipe served as a breakfast or for main course with grayish curry or variety of chutneys, which is quick and easy to make recipe, akki means rice in kannada, rotti refers to a flat bread cooked on a griddle. It is made on rolling board either by rolling or It can be made on the pan directly or on a cotton cloth, foil or banana leaf  or butter paper sheet and then cooked on tawa/ pan. Rice roti can be made thin or thick to suit your taste.


Rice flour – 2 cup

Salt – 1/4 tsp

Hot water – 1 cup



Take rice flour in a bowl, add salt


Add little by little hot water gather the rice flour and form a dough with help of a spatula


The consistency of the dough must be little soft than chapati/roti dough


Divide the dough into equal portions


Take a portion and roll it between your palms to form a smooth ball,  you can roll it on a rolling pin, by dusting rice flour to roll it to a medium thin roti’s but it may break/cut (need much experience to make) .

To make it easy or beginners can follow this method which never goes wrong… Grease a flat pan with oil, Place a dough ball on the tawa, begin to flatten the dough, it spreads easily . Keep a bowl half filled with water aside. If needed dip your fingers in the water and spread the dough. This also helps to keep the rotti soft.


Heat the tawa, close a lid, cook until the roti is done, you can add oil around it or you can do without oil (if you prefer without oil you can wipe the roti with a cotton wet cloth and flip it to the other side to cook.


Flip it and cook on the other side as well until light brown spots appear on it. Remove it from the tawa,

To make the next roti, either we have to cool this pan completely and then use. Or make use of 2 pans, use alternately until the other one cools, If making in large quantity,


Serve hot and enjoy traditional Akki rotti with coconut chutney, vegetarian or non vegetarian grayish curries, butter, ghee or even goes well with a pickle.

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