Bottle gourd Kofta Curry I Sorekai kofta curry

Preparation Time : 40 min Cooking Time : 60 min Serves : 4

Bottle gourd kofta curry is a popular North Indian side dish prepared with Bottle gourd, it is also called Lauki, Doodhi, Ghiya. Bottle gourd is a healthy vegetable with numerous health benefits, It has more water content which is helpful to deal the excess heat and it prevents exhaustion in hot summer. Bottle gourd Koftas are prepared from a mixture of grating bottle gourd which is mixed with spices and Gram Flour. The balls made from this mixture are then deep fried and then soaked in a spicy gravy. Bottle gourd Koftas can be served with a variety of Indian bread chapati or Parathas. 


To make Kofta –

Bottlegourd – 2 cup grated

Gram flour – 3/4 cup for coating

Onion – 2 medium chopped

Chilly powder – 1 Tsp

Ajwain – 1/4 Tsp

Coriander – 1/4 cup chopped

Salt to taste

Other Ingredients –

Bay leaf – 2 no’s

Star anise – 1

Cardamom – 1

Clove – 2 no’s

Cinnamon – 1 stick

Asafetida – 1 pinch optional

Ginger Garlic paste – 2 Tsp

Onion – 2 or 3 no’s to make a paste

Tomato – 2 no’s to be pureed

Cashew nut – 8 no’s to make a paste

Chilly powder – 1/2 Tsp

Garam masala – 1/4 tsp

Amchur powder – 2 pinch

Cumin powder – 2 pinch

Coriander powder – 1/2 tsp

Turmeric – 1/4 tsp

Yogurt – 2 tbs

Fresh cream – 1 tbs

Salt to taste

Ghee+ oil to fry

Sugar – 1 Tsp

Coriander for garnishing

Kasuri methi – 1/4 tsp











Peel and Grate bottle gourd. Squeeze and remove the juice from it. ( keep it to make gravy)


Take grated and squeezed Bottlegourd in a wide bowl. Add all the ingredients to make koftas.


Mix all the ingredients so that the mixture should be thick in consistency. Heat oil in a pan to deep fry kofta. Do not keep the mixture for a long as it becomes watery deep fry them immediately after mixing the mixture.


When the oil is ready to deep fry, grease your palm with little oil, divide the mixture into equal sized balls. Drop it in the hot oil, fry them on a medium flame. Stir occasionally and deep fry them until it turns to golden brown and crisp. once done take them out with a slotted spoon drain the excess oil in it, place them over a kitchen tissue in a plate and set aside until you make the gravy.


To make the gravy Blanch the tomato, make a paste of onion without adding water, and cashew nut paste and keep ready.


Take a heavy bottomed pan with oil+ghee in it, when it is hot saute bay leaves, clove, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise until aromatic on a medium flame, then add ginger garlic paste saute until you get a nice aroma, then add chilly powder to it, add onion paste, saute well until the oil separates to the edges.


Fry till onion mixture turns light brown, then add tomato puree fry until the oil separates from the edges of the pan, add spice powders one by one, add yogurt,  saute well


Add Squeezed bottle gourd juice, water to adjust the consistency, stir add salt and sugar to taste. bring it to boil. when the mixture begins to boil add cashew nut paste,


Stir and boil it for few mins. Add Kasuri methi.


Now add fried Koftas. Cook it for 5 to 6min and turn off the flame.


Transfer it to a serving bowl garnish it with chopped coriander. Enjoy with Indian Bread.




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