Curd chicken dry recipe I Dahi murg

Curd chicken dry is a dish prepared by marinating chicken with thick curd or yogurt, it is also known as dahi chicken Dahi means’ thick curd’ and murgh means ‘chicken’..chicken prepared in thick curd with spices is dahi murgi..its a typical  recipe, easy to prepare, it tastes awesome, can be served with rice dishes, also can be a side for roti’s, parathas, kulcha, parotta..

Preparation time – 15 min

Marination time – 2 hrs

Cooking time – 15 min

Serves – 4

Ingredients – 

For marination – 


Chicken – 1 kg cut into medium pieces

Curd – 1 1/2 cup

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Chilly powder – 2 tsp

Lemon juice – 1 tsp


For Tempering cooked chicken – 


Onion – 2 medium chopped finely

Green chilies – 3 to 4 chopped

Curry leaves – 4 springs

Ginger garlic paste – 1 tbs.

Garam masala powder – 1/2 tsp (optional)

Coriander – for garnishing

Oil to fry – 3 tbs

Procedure to make or to prepare curd chicken dry – 

Clean and rinse chicken, drain the water in it. marinate chicken pieces with red chilli powder, turmeric powder, thick curds or yogurt,lemon juice and salt for 2 hours.


Add marinated chicken into a pan and cook in a medium flame. Cook the chicken until it is done, close the lid and cook in a medium flame.


In the mean time heat 3 tbs of oil in a pan, when it is hot add ginger garlic paste, saute for a while till you get a fresh aroma, add chopped onion , fry till golden brown add chopped green chilies, curry leaves saute together add gram masala, toss it and turn off the flame.


When chicken becomes dry, and cooked (check and ensure chicken is done)

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Add fried ingredients/mixture into cooked chicken and toss properly.


Remove it from the flame, transfer the dish to a serving plate. Garnish it with chopped coriander.


Serve hot and enjoy! as an appetizer or as a side dish with roti’s or with rice.

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    Keep up the good work and thanks a lot for the awesome recipe

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    This is really a great help to bachelors like me, ur recipes will save us from artificial food of hotels. Ur generosity of sharing the recipes us much appreciated
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