Hurli Kalu Uppu saaru I Horse gram Rasam

Preparation Time : 30 min Cooking Time : 45 min Serves : 4

Uppu saaru/sappe saari /uppessaru is traditional recipe of south Karnataka. It is a healthy and delicious dish made with vegetables, beans, greens, lentils, or pulses. Uppu Saaru with palya is a perfect dish to enjoy on a rainy day or to get rid of cold. In my previous post i had shared Uppu saaru with greens and green chutney, today i am sharing Uppu saaru with horse gram and red chutney, a healthy saaru/rasam  prepared usually for winter /rainy season. Horse gram is high in calcium, carbohydrates, minerals  protein,  iron and many more.. which makes it a wholesome food that should be added to our diet on a regular basis. 


To prepare chutney –

Cumin – 1 1/ tsp

Pepper – 1/1/2 tsp

Garlic – 3 pods or 5 (adjust to your taste)

Dry Baydgi chilly – 5 no’s

Tamarind – less than marble size ball/small piece

Dry coconut (copra) – 2 tbs grated or roughly chopped

Ghee – 1 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

To prepare saaru –

Horse gram – 1 1/2 cup

Tur dal – 1/4 cup

Tomato – 1 medium

To prepare Palya/side dish –


Mustard – 1/4 tsp

Onion – 2 no’s chopped

Dry chilies or green chilly – 2 no’s

Curry leaves – 2 spring

Coconut – 3/4 cup grated

Coriander – 1/4 cup chopped







Soak horse gram for over night, pressure cook it for 4 to 5 whistles by adding 3 to 4 cup of water  until it is cooked.


Once it is cooked/ done, add salt to taste, boil it for 5- 6 min remove from the flame.


Strain with a colander, collect the stock of it, and set aside.


In the same cooker cook tur dal and tomato for 1 or 2  to whistles, allow it to cool,


Blend it to a paste and mix with the horse gram stock,


Add little ghee fry cumin, pepper, dry chilies one by one until light brown in a medium low flame, once it is done, add dry chilies, garlic pods, tamarind and grated/chopped copra, saute until all the ingredients get hot, remove from the flame allow the mixture to cool.


Once the ingredients gets cooled transfer it to a mixer jar, add salt to taste, add enough water to blend, make a paste,

Transfer prepared chutney to a cup and set aside. Add  2 tsp of prepared chutney to the stock, mix , stir, the consistency must be similar to rasam. Keep it on the wok, bring it to boil for 5 min.


After 5 min switch off the flame, Set aside covered.

To prepare palya, keep all the ingredients handy to start.


Heat oil in a pan, when it is hot add mustard seeds, allow it to splutter, add chilies and curry leaves saute for a while, add chopped onion, saute until translucent/light brown.


Add drained horse gram into it, toss it well, add grated coconut once again toss it well, remove from the flame, finally add chopped coriander, mix properly.


Traditional Hurlikalu uppusaaru is ready to serve, enjoy it with ragi mudde followed with hot steamed rice, add prepared chutney to adjust to your taste, mix with saaru/rasam, accompany with palya/side dish and Enjoy !!!

Note –

Most of the family has got their own way of making this recipe, this is my mom’s style of preparing Uppu saaru.

Preparing red chutney for uppu saaru (usually) dry fry cumin, pepper, garlic pods, dry chilies, and grind it to a paste by adding little tamarind, a small bunch of coriander and salt or chutney is also made without frying… like adding red chilies while cooking horse gram,when cooked it is added in preparation of chutney which is also followed from generations.

Chutney can be preserved for more than a week in a air tight container store it in refrigerator. This chutney can be applied/spread with a tsp of ghee on hot roti’s/ chapati, roll and enjoy as a delicious breakfast or for kids lunch box dish.

You can soak horse gram for over night or you can pressure cook rinsed and cleaned horse gram for 10 to 15 whistles, add 4 – 5 cup of water to cook.

Cooked tur dal is blended and added to the rasam which make rasam thick in consistency yo can add or skip it, only you can make with the stock of horse gram.






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