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Easy kalakand recipe with condensed milk and paneer in just 10 minutes. A popular Bengali Sweet that can be prepared even by bachelors. This recipe needs only 5 ingredients milk powder, condensed milk, paneer and a flavoring ingredient like rose essence or cardamom powder. It tastes deliciously delicious with a crumble texture and aroma of rose essence just like the one sold in sweet stalls. 

Preparation time – 5 min

Cooking time – 10 min

Serves – 4

Ingredients –


Cottage cheese (paneer) – 200 gm

Milk powder – 3 tbs

Condensed milk – 1 cup

Rose essence – few drops

Pistachios for garnishing

Method –

To make or to prepare Kalakand –

Soak pistachios in warm water for 30 min. First grease a plate. You can use butter paper sheet  or aluminium foil too. Keep it aside


Crumble cottage cheese (paneer) and keep ready. Heat a pan by add condensed milk, crumbled paneer and milk powder together


Warm up it with a low flame,


Stir and mix well. Cook on a low fire, stir constantly to prevent burning. After a short while, it becomes a thick mass and will begin to leave the sides of the pan.


Add rose essence and combine,


If you can manage can increase the flame to medium while cooking, but ensure you don’t burn it. bring it to a thick in consistency. Switch off the stove.


Transfer the kalakand to the foil or greased plate. Spread it to half inch thickness. Smooth the top evenly.


Peel the skin of pistachios and chop it finely


Sprinkle nuts and lightly tuck them in. Rest it for 30 min


Cut it to square shape pieces and remove from the foil sheet carefully, transfer it to a serving plate


Enjoy your home made Delicious Kalakand. The aroma of rose essence gives a sweet and lovely fragrance to Kalakand.

Notes –

If you prefer to serve chilled, you can  refrigerate for at least 2 hours. Cut to desired shapes.

For flavor you can add cardamom powder or Kewra water.

You can make home made cottage cheese – Heat 1 liter of milk, when it starts to boil add 1 tbs of lemon juice or vinegar to it, switch off the flame, the milk starts to collide strain it in soft cotton cloth and remove the water in it fully, once again add water and wash it in fresh water and strain it with the same cloth, until  the water drains fully, (so that the sour taste of lemon or vinegar doesn’t mix with.)Ensure water is drained completely, remove the cheese from the cloth and You can use home made cottage cheese to prepare Kalakand.



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