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Preparation Time : 30 min Cooking Time : 30 min Serves : 4

Kayi obbattu is a traditional sweet recipe in Karnataka, It is considered as the king of south Indian sweets, often served in many traditional occasions. It is prepared with freshly grated coconut, soaked rice, jaggery, roasted poppy seeds, cardamom, a stuffing is prepared and stuffed inside a dough prepared with all purpose flour (maida) then rolled into circular crepes which turns to a delicious sweet topped with ghee is just heavenly in taste.

Kayi holige is a traditionally prepared on ugadi (Kannada new year) and on Ganesha Chaturthi in my Mom’s house at Mysore, as my mom is an expert in preparing kayi holige and I got to learn a perfect recipe from her, it is an easy to make recipe. Do try and enjoy this delicious sweet for any occasions. 


To prepare Dough –

All purpose flour (maida) – 500 gm

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Oil – 1/2 cup

Water to knead the dough


Sieve the flour, take a clean bowl add flour, turmeric powder, add little by little water and knead it to a dough little soft than chapati (roti) dough.


Add 1/2 cup of oil, knead it properly for 5 to 6 min and set aside for 1 or 2 hours, cover the lid of the bowl.

Ingredients for stuffing ( Kayi horana/kanaka)


Coconut – 1 medium grated/shredded or 2 measure of grated coconut

Jaggery – 1 1/2 measure of Grated or scraped

Rice (sona masuri/raw rice ) – 2 tbs soaked for 15 min in water

Cardamom – 4 no’s

Poppy seeds – 2 tbs – 3 tbs


Add grated coconut , cardamom (peeled) soaked rice in a mixer jar and make a powder add very little water (4 to 5tbs of water totally to blend the coconut mixture ) blend it to a paste.


Add grounded paste in a heavy bottom pan or vessel.


Dry roast poppy seeds to light brown in a medium flame. (take care not to burn or over roast it) and set aside separately.



Add jaggery to grounded paste, keep the pan on the flame, stir continuously in a medium flame.


Keep stirring until jaggery dissolves completely,


When the mixture becomes little thick in consistency, the color of the mixture turns to little dark in color, (you should be able to make a ball out of the mixture) remove from the flame.


Finally add dry roasted poppy seeds on it, mix properly and allow it to cool naturally, it takes around 1 or 2 hrs.


Once the mixture becomes cooled completely, make lemon size balls out of the mixture and keep every thing ready as shown in the above image.


Once again knead the dough properly, take the same size of dough similar to the stuffing ball.


Place it on greased butter sheet or banana leaf or thick plastic sheet, tap it to a small circular shape, by enlarging the dough, place the stuffing ball in the center of it. Seal it on the top


Grease your fingers with oil, go on tapping on it gently to a circular shape, to medium thickness,

ko16   ko17

Once it is done, heat a tawa, grease it with oil,


Remove the prepared hoilge from the sheet gently,


(it comes easily if the sheet is greased with oil properly)


Put it on the tawa and cook it for both sides to golden brown in a medium flame,


Continue the same method for the rest. (when each holige is done put it on a plate, for a while to cool then transfer it to the common plate to avoid sticking /crowded/overlapping.


Enjoy traditional Kayi obbatu with ghee.


Once it is ready and cooled naturally transfer it to an air tight container and store it for a week.


Home made Kayi holige with ghee is a perfect combination just heavenly in taste  :)

Notes –

I had taken 1 whole coconut (medium size) to prepare this recipe, which made 10 medium size holige out of it. If you prepare large quantity multiply the quantity of ingredients as shown above.

You can add jaggery to adjust to your taste,

Take care while adding water to grind coconut mixture, add very less water. The consistency of the mixture must not be watery.

You can roll holige similar to roti/chapati, by greasing with oil or dusting with flour.

If you have any doubt please let me know in the feedback section.



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