Kayi sasive anna I coconut mustard rice recipe

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Hirlekayi sasive chitranna, where coconut, mustard, blended with red chilies, which is an authentic south Indian rice variety, a real spicy delight. where cooked rice is seasoned with grounded coconut & mustered seeds with other ingredients. This dish is very easy to make & very tasty too. Heralekai  sasive chitranna or citron lemon rice is a spicy, tangy, lemony rice recipe, chitranna is prepared in many varieties this recipe is one among them.

Preparation time – 10 min

Cooking time – 15 min

Serves – 4

Ingredients –

Rice – 2 cup (cooked by adding 4 cup of water)


To grind –

Coconut – 1 cup grated or roughly chopped

Red chilies – 5 to6

Mustard seeds – 3/4 tsp

Jaggery – 1 tbs Grated/scraped

For seasoning –

Mustard seeds – 1/4 tsp

Chana dal – 1 tsp

Peanuts – 3 to 4 tbs

Hing / asofoitida – 1 pinch (powdered)

Curry leaves – 2 to 3 springs

Red chilly – 2 broken into two pieces

Citron lemon juice/Hirlekayi rasa – Juice of 1 fruit

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil to fry.

Method – 

To make or to prepare Hirlekayi sasve chitranna –

Add all the ingredients to ground, grind it without adding water to it, when the ingredients are properly powdered add water and make a paste and keep it ready.


Heat a pan by adding oil in it, when it is hot add mustard seeds, allow it to splutter


Add peanuts fry to golden and crisp in a medium flame, add chana dal stir fry until it turn to golden in colour. Add hing/asofietida, curry leaves and red chilies together, saute for a while


Add grounded paste into it. saute and mix. Cook in a low flame bring it to boil for 5 min, Add salt to taste, mix. Check the taste of it , (if you like sweeter in taste add little more jaggery). Switch off the flame.


Add juice of citron lemon/Hirlekayi rasa into it. Combine it with the mixture.


Mix the prepared mixture with cooked plain rice. Toss it together.


Transfer the dish to a serving dish, Garnish it with chopped coriander.


Enjoy !!!

Note – 

The grounded paste/chutney  is very tasty too. This grounded chutney you can store for 2-4 days in refrigerator & use, this chutney is used with rice or as side to dosa, idli, chapati etc.

Please take care while seasoning, do not over roast or under cook the ingredients, as it spoils the taste.

You can add lemon juice other than citron lemon.

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