Mango milkshake recipe

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Preparation Time : 10 min Serves : 2

Mango Milkshake is one of the delicious shakes that I relish during every mango season. Mango milkshake is one of our favorites during the summers and this makes a great drink for the kids. It’s a¬†quick and easy to make simple milkshake recipe with mango.


Ripe Alfonso mango – 2 medium sized (peeled and chopped)

Chilled milk – 1 cup

Sugar – 3 tbs (adjust to your taste)

Ice cubes (optional)

Few Saffron strands


Peel and chop mango into small pieces,


Add chopped mango pieces into a blender, add sugar to adjust to your taste, considering the taste of the mango’s.


Blend it until it is done, then add milk into it


Once again blend it until smooth.


Quick and easy Mango milkshake is ready to serve.


Transfer it to a serving glass add ice cubes and garnish it with few saffron strands, serve and Enjoy chilled Mango milkshake.

Note –

Add more milk for to have thin milkshake or if you prefer thicker add less quantity of milk in preparation.

Vegans can add almond milk or cashew milk to prepare mango milkshake.

Add sugar to adjust to your taste.

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  1. Sumit says:

    Very Good Site. Full of Lots of Important Yummy Food.
    This Dish is Specially Very Good For Teens and kids.

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