Mixed Vegetable Pickle

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Mixed vegetable Pickle is a flavorful tasty and healthy pickle made with Seasonal Vegetables like Raw mango, citron, lemon, bitter gourd and amla. Mixed Vegetable Pickle has always been everyone’s favorite which has a unique and delectable taste. A typical South Indian Style pickle made with pickling homemade spice powder. Recipe for a traditional way of making pickle which can be preserved for a long time in a pickle jar/glass jar. 


Citron lemon (Hirale kayi) – 2 medium

Lemon – 6 no’s small

Raw mango – 250 gm

Bitter gourd – 250 gm

Amla – 6 no’s

Green chili – 25 no’s

Garlic – 5 no’s

Ginger – 50 gm

Salt – 3 tbs

To fry –

Mustard – 1 tbs

Fenugreek – 1 tbs

Dry (Byadgi) chilies – 25 to 30 no’s

For tempering –

Oil – 1/4 cup

Mustard – 1 Tsp






Always choose fresh veggies to make pickle. Rinse and wipe it with a cotton cloth.

Sundry the jar and other utensils used to make pickle (including the knife, chopping board, wooden spoon, bowl etc..)

Peel garlic, remove the skin of ginger with a knife, cut it into small pieces, slit green chilies, cut Bitter gourd into medium sized circles remove the seeds from it, cut Raw mango, Lemon and citrus lemon remove the seeds from it, cut them into small pieces and keep ready.


Add 2 tbs of salt to chopped veggies toss it well.


Add 1 tbs of salt to the base of  Glass/ceramic/Pickle Jar /bowl. Cover the jar with a clean cloth/a tight stopper to seal it. Keep it for a day. Next day stir it once again and keep it for one more day. By this time the vegetable pieces absorb the juice and become a little soft.

After 3 days / On the day, you mix the spice powder, strain the juice released from the veggies completely with a strainer. Boil the strained juice for few secs, then turn off the flame, allow it to cool completely.


Keep all the ingredients handy to make spice powder/pickle powder.


Heat a pan, dry roast all the ingredients on a medium flame one by one.

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Once done allow it to cool completely, then transfer it to a blender, make a fine powder and keep ready.

Heat 1/4 cup of oil in a pan, when it is hot add mustard to it, allow it to sizzle, when it begins to splutter remove from the flame allow it to cool completely.


add boiled juice, turmeric powder, spice powder to veggies mix it well with a wooden spoon/ladle. Ensure the tempering is cooled, Add it to the mixture toss it well.


Do a taste test and check if it requires more salt. Transfer it to the pickle jar, seal it.  keep it covered overnight for the flavors to seep in.

Using and Storage Instructions:

Wetness is definitely the largest killer of pickles in moisture and hot conditions, it is advisable to keep pickle in the fridge. Wait for a pickle to get marinated for a month before you decide to refrigerate.

Ensure the cover is closed tight all the time without allowing dampness in.

Make use of a clean dry spoon so that there’s no dampness any time you go ahead and take pickle from the bottle.

For simpler and frequent use, shift little portions to a smaller jar.




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