Country chicken Biryani I Nati koli biryani I Desi murg biryani

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Preparation Time : 30 min Cooking Time : 60 min Serves : 4

Nati koli biryani is a traditional aromatic and extremely popular non-vegetarian rice dish around south Karnataka, prepared with aromatic spices and fresh herbs, with the combination of jeera samba rice and nati koli/ country chicken gives a rich and unique taste and flavor to Biryani. Nati koli/country chicken is more healthy and tastier than broiler chicken. Biryani, an evergreen classic, really needs no introduction. It’s aromatic, it’s heavenly and one of the most loved delicacies. 


Nati koli/Country chicken – 1.2 kg

To grind –

Onion – 2 medium chopped roughly

Red chilly – 15 no’s adjust to your taste

Garlic – 2 whole spitted into cloves

Ginger – 2 inch chopped roughly

Clove – 7 to 8 no’s

Cinnamon 2 or 3 no’s

Turmeric powder – 1/4 tsp

Other ingredients for seasoning –


Bay leaves – 2 no’s

Star anise – 2 no’s

Fennel seeds/saunf – 1/2 tsp

Cinnamon – 2 no’s

Clove – 4 no’s

Cardamom – 4 no’s opened lightly

Black flower – 2 no’s

Mace – 2 flakes

Onion – 1 medium sliced/chopped thinly

Fresh Coriander – 1 big bunch chopped

Fresh Mint – 1 bunch chopped

Fresh fennugreek – 2 tbs chopped (optional)

Coconut – 1/2 cup ground into paste by adding water.

Coriander powder – 1 tbs

Jeera samba rice – 3 cup

Salt to taste



Rinse country chicken for 2 to 3 times, drain the water in it and keep ready. Add rinsed chicken in a pressure cooker pan, add salt to taste, fry until the water in the chicken gets absorbed completely. it takes around 10 min to be done, meanwhile add all the ingredients to grind in a mixer jar and grind it to a fine paste by adding enough water to grind.


Ensure the water in the chicken got evaporated completely,


Add grounded paste, fry until the raw smell evaporates ( for 5 mins ) add 4 cups of water and cook it for 8 to 10 whistles as the country chicken/nati koli takes a long time to be done.


Once done check the chicken is cooked or not, if not cook it until done and set aside. Keep all the ingredients for seasoning handy.


Heat oil in a heavy bottomed vessel, when it is hot add all the dry spices except coriander powder, fry for a while until aromatic.


Add chopped onion, fry until it turns to translucent, then add chopped herbs, fry until oil starts to separates from it.


Add coriander powder, fry for a while, then add  freshly ground coconut paste into it, fry for 2 min again,


Add cooked chicken along with the water in it, add 2 cups of water (already I had added 4 cups of water to cook chicken, now again 2 cups of water to cook 3 cups of jeera rice)


Bring it to boil, check the salt, add if necessary. Once it begins to boil, rinse jeera samba rice in water(for once), drain the water in it, add it to the boiling mixture, stir, bring it to boil, once it starts to boil, make a low flame and cook it covered for 20 to 25 min, stir once or twice before it is done.


Once done add 1 or 2 tbs of ghee (optional) fluff the rice gently. cook it for 2 min covered in a same low flame. once done, remove from the flame, rest it for 10 min before you serve.


Serve hot on a banana leaf with any grayish non vegetarian curry, boiled and sliced egg, onion raita, spicy coconut chutney.


Enjoy !!!



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