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This is an Indian vegetable curry with nuts, paneer and an adjustable list of vegetables. It is in a tomato – cream sauce as opposed to the usual yogurt based sauce. ‘Navratan’ means ‘nine gems,’ so choose nine of the vegetable, nuts, and paneer ingredients is added to prepare the curry. A perfect dish to enjoy as a dide dish for Naan, pulka, roti’s …

Preparation time –  30 min

Cooking time – 25 min

Serves – 4

Ingredients –

To grind –


To prepare paste – 1

Onion – 1 medium size

Ginger – 1 inch

Garlic – 1 whole garlic

Yogurt – 1/2 cup

To prepare paste – 2

Tomato – 2 no’s

To prepare paste – 3

Cashew nut – 10 -12 no/s

Almond – 10 no’s

Poppy seeds – 1/2 tsp

Other ingredients –

Vegetables – Carrot, french beans, potato, green peas, cauliflower – 1/2 cup each

Capsicum – 1 medium chopped

Paneer – cubed – 100 gm

Raisin – 2 tbs

Cashew nuts –  2 tbs

Garam masala powder – 1/2 tsp

Coriander powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1/2 tsp

Pepper powder – 1/2 tsp

Chilly powder – 1 tsp (adjust to your taste)

Cumin powder – 1/4 tsp

Kasuri methi – 1/2 tsp

Sugar – 2 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil/ ghee to fry

Coriander – 1/2 cup finely chopped

Fennel seeds – 1/4 tsp

Star anise – 1 or 2 no’s

Clove – 3 – 4 no’s

Cinnamon – 2 no’s

Cardamom – 2 no’s

Green chili – 2 no’s

Method –

To make or to prepare Navrathan kurma –

Chop all the vegetables, immerse in water and keep ready. Cook all the vegetables (except paneer and capsicum) by adding 1/2 cup of water and salt to taste.


Grind all the ingredients as shown above separately one by one and keep ready. Heat a pan by adding oil in it, when it is hot fry cashew and raisins separately, fry panner cubes to golden brown and set aside. Fry capsicum until the raw smell disappears from it.

nrk2  nrk4

In the same pan add oil, Add soumph, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom and saute for a while, add green chilies and saute.


Add onion paste into it and fry until oil separates from it.


Add tomato paste into it and fry until oil separates from it.


Add all the dry powders one by one, combine


Fry until you get a fresh aroma from it.


Add cooked veggies combine with the mixture, add paste – 3 and mix properly. Add salt and sugar to taste.


Bring it to boil, when the curry reaches to thick in consistency, (gravish), Add fried paneer, cashew nuts, raisins, capsicum stir, remove from the flame. Finally add kasuri methi and chopped coriander on it.


Transfer the dish to a serving dish and enjoy with naan, pulka’s, chapati or poori’s.



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