Oats and nuts chikki recipe

Preparation Time : 30 min Cooking Time : 5 to 6 min Serves : 4

Oats and nuts chikki is a crispy crunchy bars prepared with healthy ingredients like oats, peanuts, sesame and organic sugar, makes a yummy and tasty sweet snack, Oats provides the body with many health benefits, sesame seeds and peanuts are flavorful, crunchy are widely considered as healthy foods, here oats, peanuts, Sesame seeds are roasted.. mixed with caramelized sugar syrup..which makes a nutty flavored, crispy and yummy sweet dish, an easy to make recipe in a short time. 


Oats – 1 cup

Organic Sugar or regular sugar – 1 cup

Sesame – 1/4 cup

Peanuts – 1/2 cup

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Clarified butter/ghee – 1 tbs optional




Grease a tray/ plate with butter/ghee and set aside.

Add sesame in a shallow pan dry fry until it splutters, remove and set aside,


In the same pan dry fry peanuts until light brown and crisp remove and set aside, once it is cooled remove the husk, split each whole peanut into 2 pieces, and set aside.


In the same pan dry fry oats for 3 to 4 min, remove from the flame, allow all the ingredients to cool for 10 min.


Add all the dry fried ingredients, add cardamom powder, toss it well and keep ready


Add organic sugar in the same pan, dry fry,


After few seconds it starts to melt, keep sauteing until it turns to syrup in consistency, until sugar get caramelized


Add clarified butter/ghee into it, mix it


Immediately add oats mixture into the syrup, mix it, remove from the flame.


Transfer it to the greased tray/plate


Tap it gently, smooth it with a utensil on the top


When the mixture is hot enough cut into desired shape with a cutter/ greased knife.


Once cooled transfer it to a air tight container ,


Healthy and yummy Oats and nuts chikki is ready to enjoy !!!

Note –

You can add your favorite nuts in preparation,

Always prefer to add 1 :1 ratio (i,e one measure of oats and one measure of sugar)

You can also prepare this recipe by using regular sugar/cane sugar or you can prepare with powdered jaggery to prepare with jaggery add 1 tbs of water bring it to boil until sticky or 1 string in consistency then add dry roasted ingredients.


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  1. swati pathak says:

    Wow, this is a really good recipe I will try it out soon

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