Potato palya and chutney for Davangere benne dosa


Davangere benne (Butter) dosa is served with this potato playa, which is simple in preparation which taste excellent with benne dosa. It is prepared by smashing the boiled potato with onion.


Ingredients: For Potato palya/sabzi


Onion – 3 nos (chopped)

Alu / Potato – 3 nos (cut into medium pieces)

Green chilies – 3 (for chutney)

Procedure to make or to prepare potato palya/sabzi for butter dosa –

Take a Pressure pan, put potato (Cut into two or medium pieces) add water to boil potato. In the same pan take a bowl add chopped onion and whole green chilis and keep on the potato and pressure cook till potatoes are done.

Remove the cooked green chilies keep it aside for preparation of chutney.

Mash the cooked potato and cooked onion together by adding salt to taste. So this becomes potato playa for benne dosa. (No need of tempering /seasoning)

It’s simple playa.



To prepare Chutney for Benne dosa/butter dosa.


Grated coconut – 1 cup

Cooked green chilies – 3nos

Garlic – 2 cloves

Clove – 1 no

Cinnamon – 1no

Cardamom – 1no

Salt to taste

Procedure to make or to prepare chutney for butter dosa –

Take mixer jar add all the above ingredients and make a paste (not to be make fine paste).


Enjoy this chutney and potato palya/sabzi with Banne dosa/butter dosa. 

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