Puffed rice upmaIpuri uppittuImandakki oggarne

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Puri Upma/ mandakki oggarne /puffed rice upma or kadle puri uppitu popular Breakfast dish in South India. It is a delicious light breakfast recipe or a evening snack,puri uppitu is a very popular dish in Karnataka it is prepared by soaked puffed rice with onion,tomato,chopped coriander leaves,mint leaves …finally a powder of roasted gram is added which gives a special taste to upma.It is a easy to prepare breakfast which is loved by all age groups,it is served with a combination of puffed rice upma with menasinakai bajji/mirchi bajji which makes a yummy combination.

Preparation time – 15 min

Cooking time – 10 min

Serves – 4

Ingredients –


Puffed rice/puri/mandakki – 2 ltr

Mustard seeds – 1tsp

Onion – 3 no’s chopped

Tomato – 2 no’s chopped

Coriander leaves – 1 bunch chopped

Mint leaves – 1 bunch chopped

Green chillies – 5 no’s chopped

Curry leaves – 3 springs

Turmeric powder – 1 tsp

Salt to taste

Oil to fry

Grated coconut – 1/2 cup

Roasted gram powder – 4 tbs

Procedure –

Take a kadai heat it by adding oil in it ,when oil is hot add mustard seeds when it begins to crackle add chopped green chillies,curry leaves,stir fry


Add chopped onions fry till translucent,add chopped coriander leaves and mint leaves


Fry till the raw smell goes,add chopped tomatoes fry for a while


Add turmeric powder and salt to taste mix altogether


Soak/Wash and drain the water of puffed rice/mandakki with a strainer add it to the above mixture and mix altogether properly add grated coconut close the lid of the kadai and cook in a low flame for 3 min



Finally add powdered roasted gram powder once again mix altogether.


Puffed rice upma is ready to be served.


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  1. Gowri Nagesh says:

    Awesome Usha..I m proud of u…good luck

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      Hi Gowri Nagesh

      Happy to see your feedback, thank you for your encouraging words :) Need your love and support

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