Ragi mudde recipe I ragi ball recipe I finger millet ball recipe

Preparation Time : 10 mins Cooking Time : 15 mins Serves : 3

Ragi mudde a healthy and filling meal from Karnataka typically consumed and served with saaru, one of the healthiest food that is full of multi nutrients and hence it is typically consumed by hardworking farmers. Ragi mudde is typically consumed with soppsaaru, bassaru, or uppesru which is typically prepared with a bunch of fresh leafy vegetables and from the stock water, which remains after steaming lentils. The ragi ball as such does not have any taste and it tastes good only with a good saaru (rasam) or palya (curry),

The name Ragi mudde, Ragi is finger millet and “mudde” refers to softballs or lumps prepared using finger millet flour. Some people will add little cooked rice or cream of rice to make the ragi mudde making process hassle-free. But in Karnataka style authentic recipe ragi flour (finger millet flour) and water are the only two ingredients in ragi mudde. It is always an art to make this at everyone’s house as you need to get the proportion right and even the technique followed by each family will be different. Usually, Ragi mudde is made on a saucepot with water being boiled and then we add ragi flour and whisked till it thickens. The Ragi mixture is slightly cooled and shaped into balls.

some important tips and suggestions for a perfect ragi mudde recipe. firstly, always use a heavy-bottomed vessel to prepare and steam the millet balls. otherwise, the finger millet may stick to the bottom. in addition, always use a strong spatula or wooden stick to beat the ragi flour. even a wooden based rolling pin can be used to beat the flour and a wooden bat which is easily available in the market especially to make mudde or a plate to make soft and round ragi balls.



Ragi flour – 1 cup

Water – 1 1/2 cup to 2 cup


Add 2 cups of water in a heavy-bottomed vessel,

sprinkle 1 tsp of ragi flour in it, bring it to boil.

When it begins to boil remove 1/2 cup of the same water in a cup and set aside (to use if you need to adjust the consistency if necessary while preparing) actually 1 1/2 cup water is perfect to cook 1 cup of flour.


Add 1 cup of ragi flour to boiling water, mix gently with a wooden stick, cook on a medium-low flame. Whisk till there are no lumps formed and it slowly starts to thicken.


Make sure the heat is on low and ensure you keep stirring until it thickens completely. If you are making a larger quantity, then cover with a lid and leave the ragi aside to cook for about 5 minutes, until you notice it has thickened.

rib4 rib5

(add hot water (which was removed and kept aside) if necessary to adjust the consistency)

Keep stirring until you see the ragi has got a shine on it. It takes a good 10 minutes to make ragi mudde from 1 cup of ragi flour.


In order to shape ragi mudde to balls, grease a wodden bat/on a clean slab/a plate with only water. Place 2 large tablespoons of ragi mudde and start twirling it around till it forms a nice smooth ball.

rib7  rib11

Note that the ragi mudde needs to be shaped into a ball while it is hot. Grease your hand with water to shape.


Continue the same for the rest.


Serve hot with Good saaru.

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Ragi mudde can be served with Vegetarian and nonvegetarian curries, It tastes best with veg curries like-Soppu sarru, Mossappu, Bassaru, Uppu saaru, Hitkid-bele-saaru, Maskayi-saaru, Molke-hurlikalu-saaru

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