Ragi Ottu Shavige I Ragi Noodles I Finger Millet Noodles

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Do you make dishes from ragi?, If not making then you should, as it as many health benefits. It is indeed a divine gift to the world. Its benefit should make you to include the food preparation from it in your daily diet. Ragi ottu shaviage is homemade ragi noodles. It is a super delicious and healthy food. Ragi noodles is served with any masala curries/spicy (veg/non veg gravy) or with coconut milk. It would not be surprise if you over eat it without your awareness. It is said to be good food for heart as it is steamed – cooked, easily digestible. To prepare this cuisine, you need a ottu shavige machine or you can do in chakli machine itself. True, it take a bit more effort to make ottu shavige, but the fruit of your effort will be fruitful for yummy food. 

Preparation time – 30 min

Coking time – 15 min

Serves – 4 to 5

Ingredients :-


Ragi flour – 1 bowl (500 gms)

Water – 1 1/2 bowl

Salt to taste

Procedure :-

Mix 1 tsp of ragi flour with 1 1/2 bowl of water in a thick bottomed utensil,bring it to boil.


Add ragi flour to boiling water , stirring continuously .


Mix properly as there is no lumps with a help of wooden spatula.


Make a slim flame for 5 – 6 min


Hold the utensil tightly with a cloth or a pot holder with one hand and stir the ragi mixture with a wodden spatula with other hand. continue to stir the ragi till it mixes completely.


Take a portion of the paste with a wet spoon and place on a plate make a cylindrical shaped,put the ragi mixture inside the chakli machine and roll/press, place a plate below the machine to collect the noodles, rotate/press [according to your machine].


Serve ragi noodles with vegetarian or non vegetarian masala/spicy curries. It is a best combination with nati koli bassaru,mutton curry, chicken curry or best when served with sweet coconut milk (kayi halu – a dish prepared with coconut and jaggery).


Tips –

Make noodles when the mixture is hot, otherwise it would be difficult to make noodles / easy to rotate/press  the chakli machine.

You can also make home made noodles with rice flour as well, Akki otthu shavige Home made rice noodles.

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