Raw banana chicken curry I chicken with raw banana

Preparation Time : 15 mins Cooking Time : 15 mins Serves : 4

Chicken with raw banana is a traditional south Indian chicken curry made with a combination of boneless chicken, soaked chana dal, and raw banana, and flavorful spices. A fiber-rich tasty curry made with simple ingredients in a south Indian method to serve as a side-dish for Rice or Rotis.


Raw banana – 2 no’s

Boneless chicken – 1/2 kg chopped into small pieces

Chana dal – 1/2 cup or 3/4 cup

To grind –


Coconut – 1/4 cup

Onion – 1 small

Garlic – 4 pods peeled

ginger – 1/2 inch

Clove – 2 no’s

Cinamon – 1 small piece

Coriander powder – 1 1/2 tsp

Chilly powder – 1 tsp

Turmeric – 1/2 tsp

Coriander – 1 small bunch

For seasoning –

Mustard – 1/2 tsp

Onion – 1 small chopped

Salt to taste

Oil to fry

Chopped coconut – 2 tbs





Soak chana dal for 30 mins or cook it for 1 whistle with 1/2 cup of water and keep ready.

Peel raw banana, chop it to medium pieces, immerse in water, and keep ready.

Add all the ingredients to grind in a mixer jar, blend it to paste and keep ready.

Heat a pan with oil in it, when it is hot add mustard, allow it to splutter, then add chopped onion saute until translucent.


Then add cleaned and chopped boneless chicken saute until the water gets absorbed completely, it takes 2 or 3 mins,


Ensure the water in the chicken is evaporated then add soaked chana dal, saute for few mins


Now add chopped raw banana, saute for few mins, on a medium flame.


Now add the ground paste, saute, mix properly add salt to taste, and 1 cup of water to cook, Cook covered until done, stir in between before it is done or pressure cook it for 1 whistle.


Bring the curry to boil to a thick gravy, add chopped coconut, mix properly, switch off the flame.


Serve and enjoy delicious Raw banana chicken curry as a side dish for Rice or Rotis.


Note –

This curry needs a little number of spices and little coconut to grind,

You can add chicken liver and gizzards chopped into small pieces with boneless chicken in preparation.


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