Roasted peanut gram laddu I Kadle unde

Preparation Time : 45 min Cooking Time : 20 min Serves : 4

Kadle unde/Roasted peanut gram laddu is a traditional nutty flavored delicious laddu’s prepared for many festivals. Roasted peanut, roasted gram, sesame, poppy seeds, grated copra, jaggery is used in preparation. It is a combination of peanut and roasted gram, which is powdered and mixed with jaggery syrup with other roasted ingredients, which makes it a healthy and tasty laddu’s .


Peanut(ground nut) – 2 cup

Roasted gram – 2 cup

Dry copra/desiccated coconut – 1/2 cup

Sesame – 1 tbs

Poppy seeds – 1 tbs

Jaggery – 1 1/2 cup (adjust to your taste) crushed/powdered

Cardamom powder – 1/4 tsp

Water – 1 1/4 cup


Heat a kadai, when it is hot add peanut, dry roast until golden and crisp, once done remove and set aside to cool. (make sure that the peanut is crispy if not roast until crisp)

Once done, remove the husk / You can even use them with skin, it does not affect the taste, add to a mixer jar and blend it to a coarse powder, once done remove it to a dry vessel and set aside.


In the same pan dry roast sesame and poppy seeds until it starts to sizzle. Remove from the flame and set aside.

Add roasted gram into the blender, make a fine powder, once done add roasted sesame, poppy seeds and cardamom in it,


Once again blend it for few seconds and keep ready.


Add powdered ingredients, grated copra in the same vessel , mix properly and keep ready.


Heat a kadai, add 1 1/4 cup of water, add crushed jaggery in it, boil the mixture, once the jaggery dissolves in water, strain the syrup,


Add the jaggery syrup into the pan, bring it to boil for 4 to 5 min in a medium flame, stir until small bubbles start appearing and becoming thick. Once the syrup reaches to this consistency remove from the flame


Add the prepared syrup into the mixture, mix with a spatula,


When the mixture is warm/hot enough to handle, make equal size of laddu’s


Keep them in a plate to cool down.


Once cooled, transfer it to an air tight container and consume/ preserve for more than 10 days.




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