Salted maida biscuits I maida chips recipe

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Savory diamond cuts or salted maida Biscuits or maida chips is a great teatime snack. This is a very simple  snack recipe prepared with all purpose flour, which is a kid’s friendly snack. Perfect snack dish to munch with a cup of tea or coffee. Quick and easy to prepare recipe with simple ingredients for festivals or any occasions.   

Preparation time – 10 min

cooking time – 20 min

Serves – 5

Ingredients –


All  purpose flour – 250 gm

Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

Cooking soda – 1 pinch (optional)

Salt to taste

Oil to deep fry

Procedure to make or to prepare Maida chips – 

Add all purpose flour, salt, cumin seed and soda in a bowl, toss it

Heat oil in a kadai, when it is hot take 1/2 ladle of  hot oil, add it to the mixture and combine altogether.

mdc2   mdc3

Add water and prepare a stiff  and soft dough to a chapati  dough consistency.


Take a small portion of prepared dough, Dusting flour, roll out the dough into a circle (it should neither be thick nor thin).


Using a biscuit cutter or a sharp knife, cut it in the shape of diamond or squares. Transfer the cut dough to a plate and keep it ready for deep frying.


Turn the heat to medium and deep fry the cut dough in batches until both sides turn golden brown.

mdc7    mdc8

Once it is cooked the bubbling noise or bubbles stop and the biscuits will come to the surface. Once cooked remove from oil with a slotted ladle and drain it on a colander.

mdc9    mdc10

Once it cools, store it in an air tight container. It has a self life of 6-7 days. Enjoy as a tea time snack :)

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