Sesame chicken lollipop recipe

Recipe Categories: Appetizer - Non vegetarian
Preparation Time : 10 min Marination Time : 3 hrs Cooking Time : 20 min Serves : 4

Sesame chicken lollipop is a crispy, crunchy and a yummy appetizer, It is prepared by marinating chicken lollipop pieces in  spices, dipped in egg mixture, then rolled on sesame seeds to coat on each lollipop and deep fried in oil, to make a crunchy appetizer, Sesame seeds gives an aromatic flavor to the dish, an easy and tasty appetizer to enjoy with your favorite sauce. 


For marination –

Chicken lollipop – 500 gm

Garlic paste – 2 tsp

Pepper powder – 2 tsp (adjust to your taste)

Lemon juice – 1 tsp


Other ingredients –


Corn flour – 1 tbs

Beaten egg – 1 single

Black sesame – 1 tbs

White sesame – 1 tbs

Oil to deep fry



Rinse chicken lollipop pieces in water for twice or thrice gently. Drain the water in it, pat dry,

Take it in a clean bowl add all the ingredients to marinate, toss it well so that the chicken gets coated with the ingredients, cover and set aside for 3 hrs in refrigerator.

After marination, beat an egg in a bowl, add corn flour, mix it, as there is no lumps in it and keep ready.


Keep all the ingredients ready as shown in the above image. Heat oil in a medium flame in a pan to deep fry.


Take each marinated chicken, dip it in egg mixture ( coat it properly)


Roll it on the sesame seeds,


So that it sticks evenly to the chicken pieces


when the oil is ready to deep fry, take each prepared chicken, drop it in oil carefully, one by one. Deep fry it in oil


Take care not to over crowd them.


Fry until it turns to golden and crisp, fry it in a medium flame.


Serve hot with creamy mayonnaise sauce.


Enjoy !!! with your favorite sauce.

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