Snake Gourd Chana Dal curry I Padavalakai Kadlebele Kootu

Preparation Time : 20 min Cooking Time : 15 min Serves : 2

Snake gourd chana Dal curry or stir fry is a very easy and healthy dish that can be prepared in a short time with simple ingredients. A great accompaniment to sambar Rice/dal rice or rotis. Snake gourd is a nutritious vegetable It contains a variety of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for human health. 


Snake gourd – 250 gm

Chana dal – 1/4 cup

Mustard – 1/4 Tsp

Curry leaves – 1 or 2 springs

Onion – 1 or 2 chopped

Sambar powder – 2 Tsp

Turmeric – 1/4 tsp

Coconut – 3 tbsp grated

Coriander – a small bunch chopped

Salt to taste

Oil – 2 tbs




Rinse chana dal, pressure cook it for 1 or 2 whistles by adding 1/2 cup of water. Once done strain and collect the water and keep ready.

Remove the skin of the snake gourd/scrap lightly with a knife, chop it into small pieces, immerse in water and keep ready. Heat Pressure cooker pan by adding oil init, when it is hot add mustard, allow it to splutter in oil, now add onion and curry leaves, fry until onion gets translucent.


Add chopped snake saute for 2 min.


Add cooked chana dal into it saute for a while.


Add turmeric, sambar powder and salt to taste, fry for 1 or 2 min on a medium flame. Add the strain of cooked chana dal, add little more water if necessary. Close the lid of the cooker and pressure cook it for 1 whistle and turn off the flame.


When the pressure settles by its own, open the lid, bring the curry to thick in consistency, cook until the water gets absorbed almost, then add grated coconut and coriander, mix it, turn off the flame.


Flavorful Snake gourd chana Dal curry is ready to Serve as a side dish for Rice or rotis.




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