Thatte idli recipe I How to make soft idli’s

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Thatte idli means plate idli. A super soft idli variety made with parboiled rice and urad dal are the key ingredients of the recipe. Thatte Idli is one of the famous Breakfast dishes from Karnataka. Where hotels around Bangalore and Mysore serves this kind of Idlis. Idli’s are one of the healthiest breakfast of south India. Steaming Hot Super soft Thatte idli with butter on it, with chutney & sambar are heavenly in taste :)





Ingredients –  


Idli rice (parboiled rice)/Kusublakki (in Kannada) – 2 cup

Urad dal – 3/4 cup

Fenugreek seeds – 1/2 Tsp


Soak idli rice and fenugreek seeds separately in a bowl and urad dal in a separate bowl. Soak it for 3 to 4 hrs.

If you prepare/ grind in a mixer grinder, grind soaked urad dal separately to a fine and smooth paste as possible, grind idli rice and fenugreek together to a fine and smooth paste,b y adding water,( thicker than dosa batter consistency). Mix all the ingredients together and keep it for fermentation for more than 10 hrs. Proper fermentation is needed to get soft idlis.

If you prepare/ grind in a wet grinder, grind all the ingredients together to a fine and smooth paste.


After fermentation add salt and cooking soda 1/4 tsp (optional)  mix properly and keep ready.


Grease idli plates with oil and keep ready.

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Pour a ladle full of batter to each plate, arrange the plates in Thatte idli stand. Add water in a steamer or cooker base, keep the stand in steamer / cooker.


Cook for 15 minutes.


When it is done, remove the idli stand from the steamer or cooker. Allow the idlis to cool for few seconds before u remove them.

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Remove idli’s gently with a flat spoon.


Serve hot with butter/ghee & enjoy this idli with your favorite chutney & sambar !!

Note – 

You can also soak and grind  1/4 cup of poha/thick flattened rice and grind with urad dal while preparing the batter.

Proper fermentation & consistency of the batter is very important to get super soft idli.

Wash the ingredients twice before soaking to get white colored idli.

The batter should be smooth like our normal batter. Do not grind it too coarse. Consistency should be of normal idli batter.

If u don’t have Tthatte idli stand, take a small round plate with rim. Place this round plate over normal idli plate & cook for 10-15 minutes.

Thatte idli’s taste good when it is served with gram dal chutney (Thatte idly with kadle bele chutney)

Thatte Idli is also served with non-vegetarian curries like chicken kurma, mutton curry or it is great with any spicy grayish curries.

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  1. sarvesh says:

    Thank you for sharing the recipe.


  3. Roopa says:

    Hi Usha, I ve not tried any of your recipes but still your veg recipes like bassaru and others luks delicious hope when I try the recipes I wud receive the same taste. Pl a request kindly update a very gud sambar powder recipe where v can use to cook all vegetables to make a tasty upload soon thank you

    • Usha Upchar says:

      Hi Roopa,

      Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, sambar powder is in my to do list… will upload it as soon as possible. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year 2016.


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