Agar-agar/China-grass pudding I Kulfi falooda

Preparation Time : 40 mins Cooking Time : 15 mins

Kulfi Falooda is a simple and delicious recipe made with Agar-agar/china grass/gelatine that has been used as an ingredient in desserts throughout Asia, which is 100% vegetarian and it is easily available in the market. A healthy and nutritious pudding made with soaked almond, saffron, milk, sugar, and cardamom, it hardly takes any time to make this.


To blend –
Almonds (soaked and peeled) – 25 no’s
Cardamom – 5 no’s
Saffron – few strands
Milk – 2 tbs
Other ingredients-
Milk – 9ooml
Agar-agar – 10 gms
Sugar – 1/2 cup (adjust to your taste)
Chopped nuts – 1 tbs for garnishing


Soak almonds for 1 hr peel the skin and keep ready.
Clean Agar-agar (china-grass) with water. Mix with 100ml of water and boil until the strands melts completely.

Boil 900ml of milk separately. boil it on a low flame for 10 mins, add sugar stir


Blend soaked and peeled almonds, cardamom, and saffron with 2 tbs of milk to a smooth paste and keep ready.


Add the blended paste to boiling milk, stir. Bring it to boil for few mins.


Mix the Agar-agar (china-grass) to the milk and cook until it becomes thick. Switch off the flame.


Pour the prepared mixture in container/molds or cups, allow it to cool completely, remove the bubbles which will form when pouring with the back of the spoon. Once the pudding is cool slightly add chopped almonds, cashew nuts (do not add nuts immediately as they would stick to the bottom, make sure to wait about 10mins before sprinkling them on the pudding)


Cover the container with a food wrap, refrigerate it for 5 to 6 hrs/overnight. You will notice that the falooda pudding will have a soft set texture after being refrigerated for that long. The dessert can easily kept for up to 3 days refrigerated. Serve chilled.


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You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

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