Healty badam milk

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Almond milk is one of the most nutritious drinks for all age groups. Almonds are called as badam in Indian language, they are energizing and balancing for the mind.Homemade almond milk is purely a protein and  nutritious.Healthy badam milk is a energetic,nutritious and delicious drink which is prepared by grating almond,cashew nut with red rock sugar candy added to thick milk , this healthy drink is good for kids,for women in pregnancy or to beat excess heat in the body,it is a simple and easy to prepare in a short time.

Preparation time – 10 min

Cooking time – 10 min

serves – 4

Ingredients –


Milk – 1 ltr

Red rock sugar candy – 200 gms

Almond/badam – 1/2 cup

Cashew nut – 1/2 cup

Raisns – 1 tbs

cardamom/elachi – 4 no’s

Procedure –

Take a grater,grate almonds and cashew and keep aside,peel cardamom and powder it,keep aside


Heat a vessel add milk in it bring it to boil add red sugar candy allow it to dissolve it in a low flame


When sugar candy dissolves add grated almond powder,cashew powder and elachi powder,keep stiring mix properly boil for 5 min in a low flame.


Healthy badam milk is ready to be served.It can be served hot/cold.

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