Khara Pongal Recipe I Hitikida Avarekalu Khara Pongal

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Preparation Time : 1 hr Cooking Time : 20 min Serves : 4

Khara Pongal is a South Indian comfort food often made as a breakfast dish. Pongal is the simplest and easiest breakfast recipe. It is an auspicious dish prepared on harvest festival Makara Sankranthi in almost south Indian houses, Indian field beans (Avarekalu) is seasonal beans which we get in winter season, which as a nice aroma of its own adds more taste when it is added to Khara Pongal, Try this popular recipe and celebrate this Pongal 🙂 



















To pressure cook –


Rice – 1 cup

Split green gram (moong dal) – 1/2 cup

For seasoning –


Fresh Indian field beans (Hitikida avarekalu) – 3/4 cup

Mustard seed – 1 tsp

Pepper – 1 tbs

Cumin seeds – 1 tbs

Cashew nut – 2 tbs

Asafoetida – 1/4 tsp

Green chilies – 2 chopped

Ginger – 1 tsp grated (optional)

Fresh Curry leaves – 4 springs

Fresh Coriander – 1 big bunch chopped

Coconut – 1 cup grated

Oil/ ghee to fry

Salt to taste


Peel field beans, separate seeds from pods and soak the seeds for 3 to 4 hours in water. After soaking peel the skin of each seed (just press/squeeze gently each seed to remove the peel/cover of the seed) and keep ready.

Pressure cook split green gram and rice together by adding 5 cups of water for 3 or 4 whistles.

Keep all the ingredients ready as shown in the above image. Heat oil in a pan, when it is hot add mustard seeds and pepper together allow it to splutter


Ensure peppercorns and mustard seeds sizzled then add cumin and cashew saute until it turns to golden brown


Add asafoetida, curry leaves, chopped coriander, grated ginger and green chilies saute for a while


Add field beans (Hitikida avarekalu) into it, saute cook in a low flame by closing the lid of the pan until the beans are soft and cooked, (It takes very less time to cook as the skin is peeled out of it) Ensure that the beans are cooked or done


Add grated coconut to it and saute together


Add rice and dal mixture into it and combine. Add salt to taste


Bring it to boil for 3 to 5 min in a low flame, bring it to a thickness of consistency. Switch off the flame, rest it for 5 to 10 min, then transfer it to a serving dish and…


Enjoy hot Pongal with ghee and coconut chutney.

Notes –

Adding field beans a special taste and flavor of its own, You can also add fresh avarekalu (without soaking and peeling the seeds.) to prepare this recipe, pressure cook it separately for 3 or 4 whistles.

Always add 1/2 part of chopped coriander for seasoning and 1/2 part finally when Pongal is done to get perfect taste.

Take special while tempering, do not burn any ingredients as it spoils the taste of the dish.

Field beans take less time to cook when it is soaked and peeled.

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