Oats ragi dosa recipe

Recipe Categories: Breakfast Dishes
Preparation Time : Soaking time - 4 hr, Fermentation - over night Cooking Time : 5 min for each dosa Serves : 3 to 4

Oats ragi dosa is a fantastic dosa prepared by soaking whole ragi, rice, urad dal, and oats is added while grinding and grounded to a smooth batter, kept to fermentation, to make healthy and tasty dosa’s.  A simple and nutritious dosa prepared with ragi and oats, which has many health benefits. A healthy breakfast dish to enjoy and start your day  🙂 


Raw rice (dosa rice) – 1 cup

Idli rice (parboiled rice) – 1 cup

Whole ragi – 1 cup

Oats – 1 cup

Urad dal – 3/4 cup




Rinse all the ingredients in water except oats, drain the water in it, soak it by adding enough water. Soak it for 4 hrs.


If you are grinding in a mixer jar, soak urad dal separately and grind to a smooth batter, add oats while grinding. If you are grinding in a grinder add all the soaked ingredients, and grind it to a smooth batter by adding enough water to grind. The consistency of the batter should be little thin compared to regular dosa batter. (which will be easy to spread).


Keep the batter to fermentation for over night.


In the morning add salt, mix properly and keep ready.


Heat a tawa by greasing oil on it, when it is hot take a ladle of batter, pour in the center of the tawa and go on spreading it in a circular motion, add butter/ ghee / oil on it,


Close the lid and cook until the base turns to light brown in colour.


Gently flip to the other and cook it for a minute, Transfer it to a serving plate and continue the same for rest of the batter.


Enjoy Healthy easy and tasty Ragi oats dosa with chutney or with any curry.

Curry leaves chutney was a perfect combination.

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