Rice Idli and Dosa without dal recipe

Recipe Categories: Breakfast Dishes
Preparation Time : soaking - 4 to 5 hrs Marination Time : fermentation - over night Cooking Time : 15 min Serves : 4

Idli recipe is simple and easy to make south Indian breakfast dish. Raw rice, idli rice and fenugreek are the key ingredients in this recipe with flattened rice, pepper, cumin, and ginger.. which makes a healthy, soft and fluffy idlis and tasty dosas with distinct in taste and flavor. This is an authentic south Indian recipe,  Just try and enjoy this easy and a healthy breakfast recipe.   


Idli rice – 1 cup

Raw rice/Dosa rice – 1 cup

Fenugreek – 5 Tsp

Flattened rice – 1/2 cup (thick variety)

Ginger – 1 inch chopped roughly to grind

Pepper – 1/2 Tsp

Cumin – 1/2 tsp





Rinse rice, drain the water in it, soak it with fenugreek for 5 hrs, soak flattened rice 30 min before grinding. While grinding add cumin, pepper, and ginger.

Grind all the ingredients together to a smooth batter, to idli batter consistency. Once done add salt mix well.  Keep the batter covered for fermentation over night/10 to 12 hrs.


Next morning the batter gets fermented/ the batter rises in quantity. Once again mix well the fermented batter with a spatula.


Grease the idli mold with oil. Pour the batter in each mold, Keep it in a steamer by adding enough water to the base. Close the lid and steam it for 15 min.


Soft Idlis without dal is ready to serve.

In the same batter, you can make dosas too. To make dosa, add little water to the batter to adjust the consistency to make dosas to dosa batter consistency.  Heat a Dosa pan, grease oil with a ladle, pour a ladle of batter spread it gently in a circular motion to a round shape dosa, pour some oil on it,



Serve hot.

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Traditional Idli and dosa without dal is ready. Enjoy with chutneysambar or with curry.

Note –

This Recipe uses Fenugreek and flattened rice instead of Urad Dal but achieves similar Fluffy and Spongy Idlis. During Summer Season, it is good to have Fenugreek in our diet.

Adding cumin, pepper and ginger add not only the flavor but also makes idli soft and healthy, the batter doesn’t get sour.


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